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Modern Grandmothers’ is a fabulous Newsletter for existing grandmothers; soon to be grandmothers; aspiring grandmothers, people who support grandmothers, and grandmothers raising their grandchildren. This is our tribe, our community.

We curate stories from around the world. From entrepreneurial grandmothers making a difference in the world to grandmothers who just want to be a better grandmother, we share everything with you. Must-read books, ideas worth sharing, entrepreneurial ideas to generate additional income, self-care, businesses to start in the next stage of your life’s journey, faith, good eats to delight your taste buds, good news worth sharing, inspirational stories, quotes, cool finds, and so much more, all delivered in a 60-second Newsletter every two weeks.

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My name is Carolina.  My 4 grandchildren call me ‘Nana, aka Nanina”. I am the founder of Modern Grandmothers. Since I became a grandmother, I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing Grandmothers. From women who live in my neighborhood, those numbers have now expanded across borders and oceans. In some cases, these contacts have even bridged language barriers. I am thrilled to know you have found us and our newsletter. You will be proud to know this newsletter is written for grandmothers by grandmothers.

Grandmothers everywhere around the world have a big heart. And they own the title ‘Justifiable Bragging.”  

All the grandmothers I have met over the years have the following in common:  she loves her grandkids unconditionally, she has big dreams for her grandkids, she has a big wallet that spares nothing to spoil them, after all, it’s her prerogative. She has big ears that are always tuned to listen to her grandchild. Her eyes never tire of watching them at play. When she speaks, she speaks words of inspiration, encouragement, wisdom, and greatness into each of her grandchildren’s lives. YES, Grandmothers, are the mother of all mothers – especially our Modern Grandmothers who are doing it all in today’s world.  She’s not only a grandmother, she’s also a businesswoman, a fitness guru, a blogger, a creator.  She is so much more.

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