What do your grandchildren call you? So amazing the variety of names I have heard.

Nana, Ouma, Grammy, Mia, Vomma, Baba, Grandma, Lola, Naani, Nannina, Oma, Babo, Mia, Grann, - the names are many.

What a grandma wants to be called is diverse as can be, it all depends on where the woman is at that point in her life.

Abuela - means grandma in Spanish. 

Nonna – is for Italian grandmothers.

Bubbe -Yiddish

Bedstemoder is Danish, meaning grandmother.

Ouma - Afrikaans origin

Meme – this is French for grandmother, my grandsons call their grandmother Meme.

Vomma – Latvian – my granddaughter calls her grandmother Vomma

TuTu – Hawaiian

And the list could go on for pages and pages.

Comment below, and let me know what your grandchildren call you. We will add them to the list as we go. :) Let’s see how many different names we get lol.

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