A TikTok Video goes Viral – There’s nothing like the bond between Grandmothers and their Granddaughters

Marie F. O’Brien and her granddaughter get millions of views on the videos she posts on TikTok and has over 100,000 followers. So Amazing!

There’s nothing like the relationship between grandmothers and their granddaughters. It is a sacred bond that should be celebrated.

An unknown author writes, “A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.” Even as a child grows, the relationship they have with their grandmothers is immensely important.

Frances O’Brien & Granddaughter Allison Krause Dance to Cheer on a Relative with Lymphoma

This duo grabbed attention from the media when their dance videos went viral on TikTok. Frances O’Brien and her granddaughter Allison Krause recreated a dance together in their viral video. The old home video shows O’Brien dancing with her granddaughter in her arms. When recreating the dance, however, the granddaughter now holds her grandmother in her arms.

This grandmother and granddaughter duo began creating dance videos to cheer up O’Brien’s daughter (Krause’s mother), Colleen Krause. Colleen suffers from lymphoma and her loved ones wanted to create a funny video to make her laugh, despite the illness she’s facing.

Watch this amazing video here

The impact of their videos went beyond encouraging Colleen. TikTok users responded to the videos, sharing about their own grandmothers who they’ve lost over the last year. Others who were unable to see their grandparents let the duo know how much their videos meant to them.

The two regularly post dance videos now, which regularly receive millions of views. Krause’s TikTok account has over 100,000 followers. As they build relationships with viewers and commenters, the two strengthen their own bond.

This Story Reminded me of Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

When I first read about O’Brien and Krause, my mind immediately went to the story Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. This children’s book shares the story of a mother’s love for her son.

In the book, the mother rocks her child and reminds him that he’ll always be her baby. During each stage of his life, she reminds him about her love and how he’ll always be her baby boy, no matter how old he gets.

When the mother aged and grew frail, the son took up the role of rocking her, picking her up in his arms. He says to her that he’ll love her forever and that she’ll always be his mommy. This touching story explores the unchanging nature of the bond between mothers and their children throughout their lives.

O’Brien and Krause’s recreation of an old dance video reminded me of how the bond between mothers and their children (and grandchildren!) continues to grow over the years. Although the roles reversed in the dance with Krause lifting O’Brien, the love between them remained constant.

Why the Grandmother-Granddaughter Bond is So Special

There’s no denying the power of the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. Below are five reasons why this relationship is so special.

1. The relationship can reduce depressive symptoms.

A Boston College study found that when a grandchild has an emotionally close relationship with their grandparent, both the grandparent and grandchild are less likely to have depressive symptoms. The relationship provides grandchildren with much-needed guidance as they navigate coming of age and adulthood.

2. A strong bond with her grandchildren can help aging women remain mentally sharp.

An Australian study found that women who watch their grandchildren do better on cognitive tests than women who rarely see their grandchildren. This allows them to play an instrumental role in their grandchildren’s lives.

3. Granddaughters learn a lot from their grandmothers.

Grandmothers have the special opportunity to teach things to their granddaughters. They may teach them baking, sewing, fishing, photography, or other skills and hobbies. One woman I talked to said that her grandmother’s creativity influenced her own pursuit of art, something that has drastically shaped her life.

No matter what they end up doing together, grandmothers have a lot of wisdom to share with their granddaughters. Because they aren’t involved in the daily discipline and routines of their grandchildren, growing children are often more receptive to their wisdom.

4. It strengthens the bond between generations.

Grandmothers share a growing bond when their children have children. As a grandmother and her child share in the joy of a new life, they’re able to build on that bond. Many first-time parents gain a greater understanding of what their parents went through after having kids.

A strong relationship between a child’s parents and grandparents provides a stronger safety net for the child as they learn and grow.

5. It gives both grandmothers and granddaughters a better understanding of other generations.

Grandmother’s today aren’t only homemakers. Many of them have entered the workforce and built thriving careers. They’re doctors, lawyers, CEOs, laborers, and role models for their granddaughters. Even if they grew up in a different time, they still offer relevant advice to their growing grandchildren. Young girls can learn more about older generations from the experience of their grandparents.

Grandparents also benefit from this relationship and gain understanding about younger generations. With every new generation there is resistance in the media to new ways of thinking. Grandmothers can better understand younger generations by seeing things through their granddaughters’ eyes.

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