70+ Years Old Grandmother Running a Business and Having a Ball. Amazing!

The ultimate purse organizer, created by this amazing modern grandmother fits inside purses to make women's lives easier and organized

I just love my Pouchee purse, and the story of this grandmother is truly incredible.  Not only should every woman have her own Pouchee purse, but be inspired by her story, taken from her website.

It was Christmas, 2004. At our usual Christmas Eve family celebration, I opened the gift from my oldest son. It was a great, trendy shoulder bag that I loved but knew I would never use. There were no pockets, just one, big, empty bag. I had to have my pockets to organize my purse. I would normally spend days looking for just the right organizer purse with all the right compartments. Of course, once I organized it I would certainly never switch purses, no matter how bad it looked with my outfit. It was just way too much trouble.

“If only I had a way to stay organized and change purses,” I thought. The search was on. I looked in stores and websites but found nothing that satisfied me. The Pouchee® idea was born.

I just knew that if they didn’t like them I would run out of the store crying. “Why am I doing this,” I thought. “I could be home, ironing, cleaning toilets…I’m way too old for this stress.” Anything sounded better than facing the ominous store owner. Trembling and praying, I made my first sales call, and by the grace of God they liked the Pouchees®, and so did the next store and the next. For the first three months, I had a 100% success record. Everyone loved the Pouchee® purse organizer, bought them, and most were re-ordering frequently.

OK, so by now there have been a few stores that didn’t see the value in an adorable, practical purse organizer that keeps you organized while allowing you to change purses, diaper bags, pool bags, etc. as quickly as going to your closet, but now I have enough confidence in Pouchee® that if they don’t want them, I just walk away thinking, “that’s too bad, you’d sell a lot of them.”


Looking back, I am amazed at the tide of events that have swept me into a sea of commerce and industry. I must give all the credit to God, however for this incredible journey I have been on. People often ask me if I am not just proud as a punch for the success that pouchee® has experienced. “Me, No!” I generally respond. “I’m not in charge here.” God has taken every weakness I have (well, maybe not every weakness) and used it for His glory. Never have I had a creative idea, nor did I even want one. Not once did I dream of owning my own business. God, however, must have decided I needed a little advancement out of my comfort zone. I remember the day well.


I was discussing my “idea” for a purse organizer with a friend, who forwarded me to her daughter who introduced me to a purse designer who gave me the name of her manufacturer, and the next thing I knew I had 2000 pouchees® purse organizers coming in from China…and that was the easy part. Once they were here what was I to do with them? I can tell you right now that I did not get the sales gene in my family. Just the thought of going to a store and trying to sell pouchees® purse organizers scared me to death.

So, here I am 70+ years old, marketing, selling, shipping and still having a ball, organizing women- one purse at a time. What a great life!!!

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